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JHYB (JHYB) is a collection of pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates, development , production and sales of high-tech enterprises , the headquarters and R & D center in Beijing . Our R & D center in Beijing with advanced equipment and sophisticated analytical research laboratory testing equipment , research and development areas include chemical synthesis , biotechnology, natural plant extracts and other aspects , the products involved in anti-tumor therapeutic areas , cardiovascular system, anti-infectives, endocrine regulation, immune suppression, anti-hepatitis B virus. We have and the Peking University School of Medicine, Chinese Academy of Sciences , Tsinghua University, more than 10 scientific research institutions to establish a good relationship of cooperation . Our industrial base distribution throughout the country , which includes the GMP standard pharmaceutical raw materials production base and production base of pharmaceutical intermediates , and specialty fine chemicals production base. These bases can also provide our customers with all kinds of pharmaceutical intermediates, commission processing ( contract manufacturing ) business to meet domestic and foreign pharmaceutical raw materials production enterprises and the different needs of pharmaceutical R & D companies . We specialize in industrial production from the lab to the technical transformation, while taking advantage of our R & D resources and expertise for the pharmaceutical production and development of enterprises, including commissioned research and development, process improvement, technology consulting , document retrieval , laboratory synthesis equipment, standard , specialty chemicals and analytical services , including integration solutions. We are committed to the use of advanced technology and experience of pharmaceutical production , development with independent intellectual property rights, high value-added pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates and plant extracts ; committed to a high level of technical improvements and innovations ; committed to providing customers with high quality of pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates. Our goal is to meet customer needs , based on the maximum reduction in product costs , improve service levels and achieve win-win situation .

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