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Liyang Ruipu New Materials Co.,Ltd. is located in the south of the beautiful city -- Liyang, adjacent to Shanghai, Suzhou, convenient transportation.
Company is mainly engaged in fine chemicals sales, always adhere to the "market-oriented, based on quality, to manage as the carrier, with benefits for the purpose of" business principles, implementing customer-oriented business philosophy, advocating refine on, pioneering and innovative spirit, to provide customer satisfaction, chemical products, through the company all the staff of the hard work and honesty, has won the domestic and foreign customers praise and trust, and set up home and abroad customers long-term stable business relations. Product specifications complete, stable quality, customer service and thoughtful service, reliable reputation. We will always adhere to the "quality first, the user first, credit first, service first" purpose, enthusiasm for the vast number of users at home and abroad to provide quality products and excellent service.
Companies adhere to the "credibility first, quality first" and "work and pull together, cooperate with absolute sincerity" business purposes and principles, and constant innovation, refine on, excellent quality of the products in the fierce competition of Yalong chemical market outshines others, the development.
The company will continue to carry forward the "spirit and the concept of plant science and technology, innovation, enterprising, refine on", dedicated to provide quality products and services to customers, and customers go hand in hand, create brilliance.

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