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Anhui Xinying Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Linquan County,Fuyang City. It mainly deals in the development and sale of chemical products, chemical raw materials, fine chemicals, environmental protection aids, food additives (except pharmaceuticals, dangerous chemicals and precursor chemicals). At present, the company is moving steadily towards a global trader with comprehensive value-added ability and composite competitiveness, which is based on trade, industry, global procurement, global sales, integration of domestic and foreign trade, integration of upstream and downstream.
Anhui Xinying Technology Co., Ltd. in line with the principle of customer first, quality first, to provide customers with excellent services and high-quality products, the company’s products are well received by users. "Science and technology first, quality first, customer first, honesty and trustworthiness" is the business philosophy of Anhui Xinying Science and Technology Co., Ltd. The company always takes the customer’s needs as our direction of efforts, and constantly strives for hard work, continuous innovation, to the goal of green, environmental protection, high quality.

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